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Westonfence Flood Aftermath

Fencing for Floods

Westonfence is a versatile suspension fence which performs exceptionally well under extreme weather conditions like flooding.

We’ve had favourable feedback from landowners in flood-prone areas who’ve installed the Westonfence fencing system. They’re amazed at how well the fence withstands the rush of floodwater and debris.

Fence damage from flood waters is usually caused by the build-up of flood debris against the fence, which provides a surface area for the flowing water to push against and cause the fence to fail.

Because Westonfence is a plain wire suspension fence, water and smaller debris flow through the fence reducing the surface area and impact of the debris. In addition to this, the elasticity of the fence “gives” under pressure, again reducing the impact of the debris.

In some instances, the fence may lay over … or it’ll remain standing but may come away from the securing steel posts … but the main material of the fence will remain intact.

Once the floodwaters recede it’s just a matter of standing the fence back up by replacing broken or damaged steel posts and clips and removing any remaining debris.

Another advantage of the Westonfence design is it can be installed to “collapse” under the pressure of floodwaters without causing major damage to the fence.

Once the floodwaters have receded it may simply be “re-erected”.

Our well-designed Westonfence fencing system helps minimise potential flood damage to fences in flood-prone and riparian areas and makes it easier to repair.

If you’d like more information on how our products can benefit your specific farming enterprise please get in touch.

Westonfence Flood Fence

We are really happy with how resilient to flooding the Westonfence design is ... Phil & Fiona

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