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Westonfence serves as a tool that can help farmers achieve both cost savings and production improvements ... leading to greater profitability!

Increased Productivity

Low Maintenance

Cost Effective

Easy Installation

Westonfence™ is a versatile fencing system designed for exclusion, boundary, subdivision or retrofit to existing fences.

In addition to Westonfence™ Droppers … we now stock Electric Fence Energisers, Solar Panels, Insulators, Joiners, Cable & Fencing Tools.

We’re your one-stop supplier for electric fencing solutions.  Secure your property with confidence!

Westonfence™ News

JVA & Strainrite Partnership

Westonfence is excited to announce our new partnership with JVA Electric Fencing and Strainrite!

Over the past few months we’ve been working with JVA to supply high quality, budget friendly, electric fencing products to our customers including energisers.

We’ll also be stocking popular Strainrite electric fence products including insulators, joiners, lead out cable and wire … as well as fencing tools and accessories.

Key Benefits

Livestock Management

A quality fencing system perfect for livestock confinement, protection and management.

Crop and Pasture Protection

Invaluable tool for protecting crops and pastures from damage caused by native and invasive species.

Reduced Grazing Pressure

Increased feed utilisation through reduced grazing pressure threats from native and invasive species.

Exclusion Fencing

A cost-effective and secure exclusion fence suitable for protecting your livelihood and reducing threats.

Increased Biosecurity

A secure perimeter fence which controls the movement of all animals ... domesticated, stray, feral and wild.

Regeneration & Conservation

Control over areas of regeneration and conservation through limiting access of unwanted invasive species.

Keep your livestock, crops and rural assets protected with the Westonfence™ fencing solutions.

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Mudgee Small Farm Field Days
July 12 – 13 | Mudgee NSW

Sheepvention Rural Expo
August 4 – 5 | Hamilton VIC

August 20 – 22  |  Gunnedah NSW

Henty Machinery Field Days
September 17 – 19  |  Henty NSW

Westonfence Teardrop

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Weebollabolla Moree
Postponed | Moree NSW
Partnered with McGregor Gourlay Moree

July 10 | Alexandra VIC
Partnered with Embling Rural

Westonfence™ gives you total control over livestock, pastures and crops … whilst managing native and invasive species on your property.

Our team is available to quote and advise you on the best fence design and installation method to suit your property or agribusiness requirements.


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Westonfence™ products are distributed via a network of rural suppliers across Australia. Please get in touch for more information.


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