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Prior to the exclusion fence the deer were using the fern gully as a highway to travel from the Bunyip State Park to grass pastures. There was massive trampling of the ferns and mosses; and the epiphytic orchids were being knocked from the shrubs. I feel that the fern gully is recovering quite well since the deer exclusion fence was installed.

I like a fence that’s stock proof when the power’s down and bullet proof when its electrified. Westonfence is very competitive and on top of that ... it only took two months to put up 40kms in very difficult conditions over a wet winter.”

As a fencing contractor, farmers ask me what they're options are. With the price of fencing materials going up ... they're looking for cheaper alternatives. When I mention the Westonfence, and tell them it’s going to be faster and cheaper to build ... they're pretty interested. Most farmers are "over the moon" with the final result.

It was the best investment. The Westonfence has eradicated the problem of wild dogs taking our sheep; my mental health has improved immensely; and I’ve gone back to sleeping through the night.

We installed the Westonfence leaning offset after sowing to protect our crops from kangaroo grazing pressure. With harvest underway reports are that no grazing pressure has occurred to the crops and we are confident that one pass with the header will pay for the fence.

No feral pigs have been seen in the area since the Westonfence was erected. No kangaroo or wallaby have been observed testing fence.

We are still keeping the wild dogs at bay at this stage, and the fence system seems to be holding up very well on the back of all the extreme weather we've been having. We've had a good result so far."

We are big fans of the Westonfence. We put up our first section in 2014 after we met Peter Weston and visited his property near Cobar. He absolutely convinced us of the low-maintenance and effectiveness of the fence and he was right.

With the Westonfence system ... if a kangaroo hits it hard and manages to get through it doesn’t destroy the fence ... the fence simply returns to how it was. We’ve been really happy with our Westonfence.

We have 30 kilometres of Westonfence which performed exceptionally well during recent flooding ... 100%.

We’ve gone from feeding 2,000 or more roos to hardly any. We decided on a Westonfence D10 exclusion fence which will also keep wild dogs out. This will enable us to diversify and potentially go into goats in the future.

Westonfence is the only fence to have for feral exclusion and internal subdivision. All up, we’ve got about 150 kilometres of Westonfence erected and are continuing to install more.

The first three kilometres we fenced had two crops alongside a mountain that’s full of pigs. The first year we had no damage to our crops. But pigs are smart, so they started walking about 4-k around it. That will stop when we finish the boundary.

I realised that installing the traditional fabricated fencing with extra height wouldn’t solve the issue of kangaroos trying to go under the fence ... which is where the main pressure is. The clever design of the Westonfence system solved this issue.

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