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Our Story

The Westonfence story began at “Yalgo” … a property in the Nyngan region of NSW.

The initial Westonfence concept was developed by Peter Weston in response to the need for better management of his farm at Nymagee.

Peter’s philosophy in “managing the land” for productivity and sustainability included woody weed removal, pasture improvement and groundwater catchment / storage.

Improvements in productivity were eroded by increased invasive species pressure to which conventional fencing was ineffective.

This led Peter to develop a low maintenance, easy to install, economic electric fencing system … Westonfence.

The system continues to evolve and has been adopted by farmers as an important management tool throughout Australia and overseas.

In 2013 Peter proudly received an OAM for his service to conservation and the environment, further testament to his commitment to sustainable land management.

Westonfence™ is still family owned and operated with a manufacturing facility in Parkes NSW.

Peter Weston
Peter Weston, OAM

“Born and bred in the Nymagee area on a selection from the famous Overflow Station, Peter Weston was always keen to make the most of his land.”

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