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Regenerative Agriculture uses a holistic approach that aims to continuously renew the land and improve the overall environment.

This approach restores landscapes and supports increased productivity.

Farmers are increasingly viewing soil health as paramount to maintaining agricultural productivity.

The core principles of Regenerative Agriculture include:

  • Building Soil Health
  • Maximising Diversity
  • Integrating Livestock
  • Minimising Chemical Use


Well-designed and constructed fences are essential infrastructure on any property … and are especially important when it comes to regenerative ag where total control is required.

In order to proficiently manage what’s on the inside … a robust perimeter fence and multipurpose internal fences are key.

The Westonfence™ system is perfect for regenerative ag practices due to its versatility and ease & cost of installation compared to other fencing methods.

Unlike other, ‘one-fence-suits-all’ fencing methods; the Westonfence™ can be adapted easily to your requirements … with post height and spacings configured to suit your specific farming enterprise.

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Westonfence Regenerative Ag

One recommendation for internal fencing includes:

  • Standard 10m steel post spacings at corners, gates and pressure points
  • Wider 20m steel post spacings at low impact zones to reduce cost
  • D7 droppers to give height for cattle
  • 6 wires; no wire through bottom hole unless needed; again to reduce initial materials and cost


This design is a good general-purpose fence for internal subdivision with a focus on being cost effective and easy to install.


Westonfence™ has a range of options available for securing your external perimeter. Our 8-Line fence is suitable for containing livestock and general exclusion or our D10 boundary is suitable for excluding specific invasive species such as kangaroos and wild dogs.

Westonfence 8Line Exclusion Fence
Westonfence™ 8-Line Exclusion Fence
Westonfence D10 Boundary Fence
Westonfence™ D10 Boundary Fence

The Westonfence™ system is adaptable to suit your specific farming enterprise depending on what you’re trying to keep in … and the invasive species you need to keep out.

For more information, alternative designs or quote, please get in touch.


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