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Westonfence Biosecurity

Fencing for Biosecurity

Fences, pests and weeds rank high on the list of threats that can affect your farm biosecurity! Creating a strong and well-maintained boundary fence is one of your best defenses.

Maintaining good boundary fencing is one of the best ways to protect your property and agribusiness from disease incursion. Good boundary fencing keeps your livestock in and stray livestock out … as well as keeping out invasive species like feral pigs, goats and wild deer & dogs.

Our tips for increased farm biosecurity include …

Ensure your stock are secure and not straying outside your property. The most common reason for straying is that the fence is not sufficient to contain the animals.

Weed species are a significant biosecurity risks in their own right … as well as being alternative hosts of some agricultural and horticultural pests. They can also make livestock sick.

Remember the seeds of weeds such as African lovegrass, serrated tussock, St John’s wort and blackberry can survive in an animal’s digestive tract for up to ten days.

Other weeds like Bathurst burr and Chilean needle grass are commonly spread in fleeces.

As a result, keep boundary and internal fences clean, clear and well sprayed.

Check fences for damage regularly, especially after storms and wild weather. Repairs should be made as soon as possible.

Wild and feral animals can mix with your livestock and cause disease … as well as reduce livestock food sources and destroy large areas of cropping land.

Populations of feral animals,  including wild pigs, deer & dogs, are on the rise which puts increased pressure on grazing systems and fencing infrastructure that protect these systems.

Implement riparian and buffer zones strategically as part of your biosecurity management plan.

Consider installing a Westonfence™ exclusion or boundary fence to reduce the biosecurity problems associated with invasive species.

Westonfence Feral Pig Exclusion Fence
Westonfence Exclusion Fence

Prevent, eliminate and minimise your biosecurity risks with Westonfence™!

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