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ProCrimp Power Crimp Tool Kit


The PROCRIMP: Powered crimping tool

For crimping Strainrite Crimp Sleeves ONLY

Ideal for fencing contractors and for use in the agricultural and horticultural industries.

Mounted with a crimping head for fast and effective crimping.

The PROCRIMP reduces crimp installation times.

The one-handed ergonomic grip with a finger trigger removes the harder physical work of a hand tool and frees up your other hand to hold the wire or guide the PROCRIMP head.

Powered by a long-lasting clip-on lithium-ion battery fully charges in 2 hours for approximately 8 hours of use. The PROCRIMP is the ideal tool for those large wire crimping jobs.

Each box contains

  • Hard Infaco Carry Case
  • Electrocoup F3020 with PROCRIMP head
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Charger
  • Cable
  • Vest
  • Holster
  • Manual

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