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Jake and Brendan

Jake and Brendan (George) from Howman Ag Services, Rosewhite VIC, installing a trial fence to exclude feral deer from Jake’s property.
We’ll let you know how it goes.

Greetings from Westonfence,

It’s been a busy few months for the Westonfence™ team due to our decision to market and distribute our products independently via the rural reseller network.

We hit the ground running at the beginning of May with field days, workshops and farm visits added to our already busy schedules.

We’ve been humbled by the support we’ve received from existing and potential customers who’ve shared their wisdom, requested a quote or asked for installation advice.

Enjoy your day,
Duncan, Maria
and the Westonfence Team

Field Days and Workshops.

Westonfence Farmfest 2023

Elders FarmFest in Toowoomba QLD 

We’re looking forward to getting out-and-about throughout the year and look forward to catching up with you at your nearest field days. So far we’ve been to Tocal, Primex and FarmFest … with Sheepvention, Agquip, Westech, Henty and ANFD still to come.

We also have exclusion fencing workshops planned and will announce when and where on our website.

To date we’ve held workshops in Bombala / Delegate and Bellata.

Thank you to our host Ben Mooney for allowing us to use his farm located between Bombala and Delegate and Nutrien Bombala & Delegate for their assistance.

Also thanks to Angus Carrigan for hosting the morning at Bellata; and to McGregor Gourlay Bellata for their assistance. We appreciate your support.

We also appreciate the support of those who attended and hope you found the morning worthwhile.

To see all the events we’ll be attending please visit our Facebook Events.

Fencing for Flood-Prone & Riparian Areas.

Westonfence is a versatile suspension fence which performs exceptionally well under extreme weather conditions like flooding.

We’ve had favourable feedback from landowners in flood-prone areas who’ve installed the Westonfence fencing system. They’re amazed at how well the fence withstands the rush of floodwater and debris.

Fence damage from flood waters is usually caused by the build-up of flood debris against the fence, which provides a surface area for the flowing water to push against and cause the fence to fail.

Because Westonfence is a plain wire suspension fence, water and smaller debris flow through the fence reducing the surface area and impact of the debris. In addition to this, the elasticity of the fence “gives” under pressure, again reducing the impact of the debris.

In some instances, the fence may lay over … or it’ll remain standing but may come away from the securing steel posts … but the main material of the fence will remain intact.

Once the floodwaters recede it’s just a matter of standing the fence back up by replacing broken or damaged steel posts and clips and removing any remaining debris.

Our well-designed Westonfence fencing system helps minimise potential flood damage to fences in flood-prone and riparian areas and makes it easier to repair.

If you’d like more information on how our products can benefit your specific farming enterprise please get in touch.

Westonfence Flood Fencing

Still standing after flooding! Photo supplied by J & L Cattle Co, Warialda NSW

Always use the correct PPE when fencing. It’s not worth losing an eye or finger.

Speaking of fingers … there’s something I love about an electrified Westonfence … but I can’t put my finger on it! 

#hehe  #dadjokesrule


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