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We are confident that with our combined talents … we can achieve great things together.

Duncan Abbey

Duncan Abbey

Managing Director

Since 2015, Duncan, teamed with wife Maria, has been the driving force behind Westonfence.

Duncan has extensive experience in both the manufacturing and agricultural industries and is passionate in providing products and services that make a real difference to the end user.

When Duncan isn’t in the office he’s out herding sheep, rogue staff or chemical drums for recycling into Westonfence products.

Duncan is always interested in how you’re getting on with your Westonfence so feel free to reach out to him at any time.

Maria Abbey

Maria Abbey

Administration | Orders

As the daughter of Peter Weston, Maria has seen Westonfence evolve since conception on her beloved childhood farm near Nymagee.

Maria is our jack-of-all trades and master of everything Westonfence. On any one day Maria can be seen operating a computer, plastics extruder or any number of machines in the workshop.

When something stops working or needs fine tuning or some gentle persuasion … Maria is our go-to-girl.

Anthony Fitzgerald


Anthony is your on-the-ground, go-to expert for all things related to electric fencing. Anthony has spent years honing his skills on electric fencing solutions, with a special focus on the Westonfence system.

His experience extends to exclusion control of invasive species such as wild dogs, deer, pigs and Australian native animals across all terrains.

Based in Gunnedah NSW, Anthony provides on farm and in store technical advice, fence design and sales to the reseller and farming community nationally.

Jayden Stratton


Jayden will be your go-to person for any queries about our products and services in the Victorian rural regions.

He’s eager to step out and meet you to understand more about your agribusiness and fencing requirements.



Our diverse team of hardworking individuals bring their best to the factory, ensuring our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

We appreciate their relentless dedication to our mission, making them invaluable assets to our brand.

Our team’s positive attitude and enthusiasm shine through in the excellent services we provide.

Westonfence Team

Team Westonfence

Maria, Duncan, Anthony (back), Mitch, Matt, Artie, Sam (back), Lana and Andi​

Dedicated, knowledgeable, and sometimes just a bit cheeky – that’s our Westonfence team in a nutshell.

We’re passionate about providing top-notch products and services to all our customers.

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