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Fencing Puckapunyal

Westonfence at Puckapunyal

Did you know Westonfence™ secures the boundary of the military installation at Seymour in Regional Victoria known as Puckapunyal?

Protecting Habitats

Westonfence Feral Pig Exclusion Fence

A 10-wire feral proof Gallagher + Westonfence was erected on Mogumber Nature Reserve, to exclude a population of feral pigs and protect the Western Swamp Tortoise, whilst allowing it egress into and out of a swamp.

Increased Productivity

Doug Cameron

Doug says that prior to the new fence, they had very limited success with controlling wild dogs, especially because the property was bordered by pine forest and gumtree country.

Protecting Livelihood

Rob Scott & Family

With a mere 40% lambing success, Robert Scott needed a fencing solution that would stop his property being a “honey pot” for wild dogs.

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