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Westonfence Kangaroo Fence

Image supplied by Bob at Warialda in August 2023 showing how the Westonfence Leaning Offset has protected his crop from kangaroos and pigs.

Greetings from Westonfence,

It’s been a busy few months for the Westonfence™ team with October being exceptionally so. We’ve racked up quite a few kilometres travelling from field days to exclusion fencing workshops and back to home base at Parkes.

We’re finding travelling the countryside and meeting everyone very rewarding so please get in touch if you’d like to organise something in your area.

Enjoy your day,
Duncan, Maria
and the Westonfence Team

Field Day & Workshops.

Westonfence Exclusion Fence

Warialda Workshop … Duncan demonstrating the resilience of a Westonfence and how it “bounces back” after being struck by an animal or falling limb.

We’ve been getting out-and-about throughout 2023 and look forward to catching up with you at your nearest field days or workshop.

This year we’ve been to East Gippsland, Tocal, Primex, FarmFest, Sheepvention, Agquip, Henty, Elmore and ANFD.

We also have exclusion fencing workshops planned and will announce when and where on our website.

To date we’ve attended workshops in Bombala / Delegate, Bellata, Moree, Warialda, Nagambie, Cooma and Kingaroy.

Our Molong Workshop will be held on the 9th November at the property of Andrew Taberner.

Thank you to anyone who has been involved with, or attended our previous workshops. We appreciate your support and hope you found it worthwhile.

To see all the events we’ll be attending please visit our Facebook Events.

Westonfence - Elmore Field Days

It’s all hands on deck when you’re part of the Westonfence / Abbey family. Our newest team member, Sam Abbey, pictured at the very wet Elmore Field Days spruiking our wares.

Nagambie Fencing for Exclusion Workshop

We had a good roll up at our “Fencing for Exclusion” Workshop near Nagambie VIC … even though the weather was a bit on the cool side.

Thank you to everyone who has attended one of our workshops this year.

Westonfence - Australian National Field Days

Exclusion fencing was a popular topic of discussion at the Australian National Field Days, Borenore.

Westonfence™ 8 Line.

One of our best selling and versatile products is the Westonfence™ 8 Line which is suitable for general exclusion and boundary fences.

We recommend this fence to anyone who needs to contain livestock and is experiencing grazing pressure from kangaroos.

It’s also suitable for excluding feral pigs and wild dogs from your property.

If you require more information please get in touch or call 1800 133 623.

Fencing for Biodiversity.

September was Biodiversity Month … a time to recognise the importance of protecting, managing and restoring biodiversity across Australia.

Protecting and restoring the biodiversity values on your property can help protect native vegetation; connect habitat for wildlife; whilst adding value to agriculture.

Biodiversity isn’t just about birds, animals, reptiles and plants … it’s also about the relationships between all of these elements to create a productive ecosystem.

Fencing is one tool you can use to manage the biodiversity values on your land. If you need to install a new fence to protect the biodiversity values on your property, consider Westonfence … a fencing system that can be managed for “inclusion” or “exclusion” of specific species.

As well as increasing the biodiversity on your property … you’ll be reducing the amount of plastics (HDPE) that end up in landfill.

We’re proud of the versatility of the Westonfence system and some of the conservation projects we’ve been involved with.

A good story … a cracking good fence!

If you’d like more information on how our products can benefit your specific enterprise please get in touch.

A good story … a cracking good fence!

Electric Fencing Tip

A lot of poor-performing electric fencing systems can be attributed to inadequate earth. Every system should have at least three earth stakes to perform properly.

More earth stakes should be installed if your electric fence is installed in sandy, dry or rocky soil.

We recommend at least 3 earth stakes 4m apart and 2m in length for every 10J of stored energy … or one super earth in place of the 3 earth stakes.


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