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A key feature of the Westonfence™ system is the installation can be customised to suit your application. Below are some of our most common installations which can be adapted to suit your requirements.


Suitable for containing livestock and exclusion fencing

Westonfence 8Line Exclusion Fence

Westonfence™ 8-Line (D7 & D8) = 8 Wire: 3 x Live + 5 x Earth


Suitable for kangaroo and wild dog exclusion fencing

Westonfence D10 Boundary Fence

Westonfence™ D10 = 10 Wire: 4 x Live + 6 x Earth


Suitable for containing sheep and cattle under pressure

Westonfence D7 Subdivision Fence

Westonfence™ D7 = 7 Wire: 3 x Live + 4 x Earth


Suitable for internal sheep & cattle containment and pasture management

Westonfence™ D5 = 5 Wire: 2 x Live + 3 x Earth

Each Westonfence™ Dropper has been precision drilled in one of several hole configurations. This allows you to pre-thread the wires using the Westonfence™ threading needle through each of the Droppers with the threaded Dropper’s lying on the ground / trailer.

Steel posts (star posts) are required to support the fence. Every third Dropper* can be clipped to a steel post using the Westonfence™ clip, with two or three freestanding Droppers in between. This insulates the wires and allows them to be electrified. No in-line strainer posts are required; only end assemblies and corner posts.

The Applicator Tool allows you to space pre-threaded Droppers along a fence strain easily. The tool enables you to load a number of bundles of Droppers in front and uses the vehicle to push them along. While the bundle you are spacing sits behind the tool and the fencer places a Dropper as required, as they walk behind the vehicle. This allows for more efficient fence construction that is quicker and more cost-effective than conventional fencing.

* Alternative configurations available according to individual property requirements.

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