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Fencing for Biodiversity

September is Biodiversity Month … a time to recognise the importance of protecting, managing and restoring biodiversity across Australia.

Protecting and restoring the biodiversity values on your property can help protect native vegetation; connect habitat for wildlife; whilst adding value to agriculture.

Biodiversity isn’t just about birds, animals, reptiles and plants … it’s also about the relationships between all of these elements to create a productive ecosystem.

Fencing is one tool you can use to manage the biodiversity values on your land.

If you need to install a new fence to protect the biodiversity values on your property, consider Westonfence … a fencing system that can be managed for “inclusion” or “exclusion” of specific species.

As well as increasing the biodiversity on your property … you’ll be reducing the amount of plastics (HDPE) that end up in landfill.

We’re proud of the versatility of the Westonfence system and some of the conservation projects we’ve been involved with.

A good story … a cracking good fence!

If you’d like more information on how our products can benefit your specific enterprise please get in touch.

Western Swamp Turtle

Westonfence protects the Western Swamp Tortoise from predatory feral pigs at the Wannamal / Mogumber Nature Reserve.

Our tips for increased biodiversity include …
Westonfence Puckapunyal

Westonfence was chosen to fence the perimeter of Puckapunyal Military Training Area to “include” kangaroos and other native wildlife … whilst “excluding” kangaroos from neighbouring farmland.

The design of the Westonfence allows smaller animals to pass under. But, during echidna breeding season (June to early September), we also disconnect the electricity from the lowest hot wire of the fence. This makes sure echidnas don’t have any trouble at all whilst … distracted … ❤❤❤

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