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We developed the Westonfence fencing system to control kangaroos and other invasive species like feral pigs on our own property at Nymagee.

It has since been used to exclude feral deer, feral pigs, wild dogs, goats and other invasive species.

In addition to this, Westonfence has a range of options to contain livestock such as sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, horses, etc.

Basically, our fencing system can be used to control most animals by changing the height, number of wires and electrification.

Steel posts (star pickets) are required to support the fence, with every third dropper clipped to a steel post in regular installations.

In a standard installation we recommend spacing steel posts at 10m intervals with droppers spaced at 3.33m.

This shows some of the ways in which our droppers can be attached to different posts.

This frame was manufactured to thread wire through the droppers. It ensures pre-drilled holes are lined up for ease of threading.

Droppers are kept upright for straining and use with the applicator.

This pipe and clip setup is easy to make and keeps the wires in position whilst straining up the fence.



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