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Westonfence Equine Fence

Choosing a fence that keeps your horses safe and secure within budget can be challenging … especially with so many materials to choose from.

The best type of equine fencing depends on several factors such as budget, terrain and the needs of the horses.

Electric fencing is a popular option for its low cost and flexibility. It’s easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

When installed correctly, electric fencing is a safe option for horses. The shock that’s delivered when a horse touches the fence is mild and will not cause any lasting harm. It’s a good deterrent for horses that like to lean or push on traditional fencing.


The best fencing for horses includes high visibility tapes and round edges that keep horses safe from injury.

Westonfence™ is a durable and strong option that can withstand pressure from horses.

The Westonfence™ suspension fence is a good looking fence that requires fewer posts, is flexible or stretches on impact … and is quick and easy to install.

Another major benefit is one or more plain wires can be replaced with equine braid, rope or sighted wires depending on your requirements.

Westonfence Equine Fence
Westonfence Equine Fence

The Westonfence™ system is adaptable to suit your specific enterprise.

For more information, alternative designs or a quote … please get in touch.


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