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Who can believe it’s December already? It doesn’t seem that long ago we were seeing the “jolly red fellow” lurking on corners and reminding us that another year has gone by.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers; partners in business; and their clients for supporting us through 2022. It’s been a difficult year for some, and we appreciate your continued support. We hope you’re able to spend time with family and friends over the holidays.

To anyone currently battling floodwaters … or cleaning up in the aftermath … our thoughts are with you. Especially those who’ve lost property or livelihood due to copious amounts of rain.

Our office will be closed for a short break over Christmas but we’ll be monitoring email during this time … and of course Duncan answers his mobile day, night and any time in between. 

At this stage we’ll be closing on Thursday 22nd December 2022 and will reopen on Monday 16th January 2023.

Stay safe and have a nice day,
Duncan, Maria
and the Westonfence Family

Westonfence Australian Made & Owned
Duncan proudly inspecting a Westonfence™

Proudly Australian Made and Owned.

Westonfence™ is proud to announce that we’re now an official Australian Made Licensee.

This means we can proudly display the “Australian Made and Owned” logo and you can be guaranteed our products are 100% made in Australia.

We’re quite passionate about rural and regional Australia, reducing our environmental footprint and working toward a sustainable future … so we’re also proud to boast our products are made from recycled plastic collected locally through our partnership with drumMuster and local Shire Councils.

Westonfence™ Video Release.

This year we proudly released what we’re calling our “corporate video” … which gives an overview of the who, what and how of Westonfence™.

We think the video gives a good overview of our business and products and are particularly proud of our involvement in reducing the amount of agri-waste that ends up in landfill.

You can also view the video on our website’s About page ( https://westonfence.com.au/about-us/ )

A good story … a cracking good fence!

Puckapunyal Fence
Westonfence™ securing Puckapunyal Military Training Area

Fencing Puckapunyal.

Did you know Westonfence™ secures the boundary of the military installation at Seymour in Regional Victoria known as Puckapunyal?

Whilst it’s well known as a military training ground, what many don’t know is its pre-military history of being intensively farmed, mined and logged by early settlers leaving it with land degradation and accelerated soil erosion.

The Puckapunyal Military Training Area restoration began in the 1970s and 80s and is a great example of early military environmentalism in Australia. It’s home to an important box-ironbark ecosystem along with all its native inhabitants including kangaroos.

Unfortunately, the surrounding landowners and graziers have experienced severe Kangaroo incursions as a result. To prevent culling, all stakeholders agreed that keeping the roos within the confines of the camp was the optimal environmental solution.

It should also be noted that the surrounding fence was in varying stages of disrepair with no uniformity to height or material.

Westonfence™, in partnership with Gallagher Electric fencing, was chosen as the best possible fence solution due to its design and proven results in controlling kangaroos elsewhere.

The fence design itself consists of Westonfence™ D10 1650mm Droppers; 10 wires that are all fully insulated end to end … all powered by Gallagher I Series energizers so the fence can be monitored in sections greatly reducing the current daily boundary ride.

Additionally, the pulse wires can be easily adjusted to allow small browsing native fauna to safely pass whilst achieving unprecedented kangaroo control and minimal maintenance.

Whilst reducing maintenance and fence inspection time was key to the project … so was bringing uniformity to a fence that didn’t inhibit the browsing nature of smaller native mammals and reptiles.

We’re proud of our part in this undertaking to actively reduce “our” environmental footprint and build a supporting boundary fence … with 119 kilometres of fence due for completion in 2023.

The trailer used by Australasian Fencing for the Westonfence™ install
The trailer used by Australasian Fencing for the Westonfence™ install
Stanthorpe Exclusion Fence
Stanthorpe Cluster Fence


Back in October 2021 our newsletter featured an article on the Stanthorpe Cluster Fence where Traprock landholders installed an electric exclusion fence to reduce impacts of wild dogs on their properties.

A year on and we caught up with landholder, Mark Davey, for an update …
“We are still keeping the wild dogs at bay at this stage, and the fence system seems to be holding up very well on the back of all the extreme weather we’ve been having. We’ve had a good result so far.”

Phil, Fiona, Emily and Jazz from Raakajlim
Phil, Fiona, Emily and Jazz from Raakajlim - Mallee conservation with their fencing trailer designed to install Westonfence on sand dunes

Aussie Ingenuity.

We’re in awe of the work Phil, Fiona, Emily and Jazz are doing at “Raakajlim” in the Mallee region of northwest Victoria and are proud to play a part in their endeavour to regenerate and conserve the property for future generations.

We love a good conservation story and this is definitely one of those. As for our part …

The first section of Westonfence went up in 2014 after Phil and Fiona met with Peter Weston (Maria’s Dad) on his property at Nymagee. “Peter convinced us of the low-maintenance and effectiveness of the fence and he was right” … says Phil and Fiona.

Currently, the property is flooded due to a levee bank bursting a few days back. We’ll be interested to see how the fence holds up and wish them all the best as they contend with floodwaters.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by flooding … stay safe!!


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