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The primary purpose of farm boundary fencing is to provide a physical boundary that separates the farm or agricultural property from neighboring properties. This helps to prevent livestock from straying into neighboring land, as well as keeping wildlife or other animals out of the farm.

The same fencing can be used for internal subdivision to divide larger agricultural properties into smaller sections. This allows farmers to manage their land more efficiently and effectively, as well as providing a way to separate different types of livestock or crops.

Overall, farm boundary and internal subdivision fencing is an important tool for maintaining the security and integrity of agricultural properties, whilst enhancing the overall appearance and value of the farm.


The versatility and cost competitiveness of Westonfence™ makes it an ideal fit for both boundary and internal fencing.

When it comes to livestock management there is a range of products and designs available to meet your needs.

We have fencing solutions for sheep (including dorpers and other crossbreds), cattle, goats, pigs, deer and horses within our range.

Our fences are also suitable for fencing waterways and riparian zones to control the harmful effects of stock access to waterways … minimising the degradation and erosion of riparian land.

Westonfence Subdivision Fence


The most popular of the boundary / internal fence is the D7 with a height of 1100mm. The D7 features 7 wires (3 of which are usually electrified). The installed height is in line with standard conventional fence heights (1100 – 1150mm H).

Adaptations to this fence design are the D6 and D5. These fences, which are shorter in height, are more commonly used as subdivisional fences for controlling cattle.

Livestock is generally easy to contain until they’re hungry, or in some cases frightened or startled. When livestock begin to pressure fences the psychological aspects of the Westonfence™ (the short, sharp, but safe electric shock) work to deter livestock from damaging or penetrating the fence.

Westonfence D7 Subdivision Fence
Westonfence™ D7 Boundary Fence
Westonfence™ D5 Subdivision Fence


When choosing the best type of farm fencing, it is important to consider factors such as the type and size of livestock being contained, the terrain of the property, and the intended use of the fence.

Consult with Westonfence™ to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective option for your specific needs.

The Westonfence™ system is adaptable to suit your specific enterprise depending on what you’re trying to manage and control.

For more information, alternative designs or quote, please get in touch.


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