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Greetings from Westonfence,

Westonfence™ are looking forward to a busy 2023 with a number of changes to our business. Firstly, from today you’ll be able to organise the purchase of our products directly through Westonfence or any local retailer.

This will enable our team to fully support you through the decision, buying and installation stages. It is hoped this change allows Westonfence™ to better support our customers, installers and end users through direct communication.

We’d also like to welcome Anthony Fitzgerald to the Westonfence™ team in a sales role. Anthony will be available to answer any questions about our products and services. He’ll also be out and about to better service your needs.

Anthony is an experienced Westonfence™ guru who knows our products well and how they can be utilised to increase productivity, exclude invasive species and keep livestock safe and secure. If you’d like to organise a visit from Anthony, please contact him directly on 0448 450 821 or email .

Enjoy your day,
Duncan, Maria
and the Westonfence Team

Our Team.

Duncan Abbey

Duncan Abbey  |  Director  | 

Since 2015, Duncan, teamed with wife Maria, has been the driving force behind Westonfence.

Duncan has extensive experience in both the manufacturing and agricultural industries and is passionate in providing products and services that make a real difference to the end user.

When Duncan isn’t in the office he’s out herding sheep, rogue staff or chemical drums for recycling into Westonfence products.

Duncan is always interested in how you’re getting on with your Westonfence so feel free to reach out to him at any time.

Maria Abbey

Maria Abbey  |  Administration | 

As the daughter of Peter Weston, Maria has seen Westonfence evolve since conception on her beloved childhood farm near Nymagee.

Maria is our jack-of-all trades and master of everything Westonfence. On any one day Maria can be seen operating a computer, plastics extruder or any number of machines in the workshop.

When something stops working or needs fine tuning or some gentle persuasion … Maria is our go-to-girl.

Anthony Fitzgerald

Anthony Fitzgerald  |  Sales |  anthony@westonfence.com.au

Anthony has spent a number of years with Gallagher Australia spruiking  everything electric fencing and more recently … the Westonfence system.

This experience extends to exclusion control of invasive species such as wild dogs, deer, pigs and Australian native animals across all terrains.

Located in Gunnedah NSW, Anthony provides on farm and in store technical advice, fence design and sales to the reseller and farming community nationally.

We’ve sent a cardboard cut-out to his family so they can feel like he’s still with them … even when he’s gallivanting around the countryside.

Andi and Artie are our manufacturing duo who’ve worked together for quite a number of years … making them a fine-tuned, well-oiled, extruding machine team..

Their devotion to hard work with a smile make them both fantastic assets to the business.

We appreciate all they do for Westonfence.

We are confident that with our combined talents …
we can achieve great things together.

Stubby Cooler
Ask us how to get a free stubby cooler!

Field Days.

This year we’re planning to attend a number of field days to showcase our products, services and fence designs.

We’re kicking off our field day road trip at the East Gippsland Field Day near Bairnsdale toward the end of April … April 21 and 22. If you’re heading that way please call in for a chat, look-see and free merch.

Next on the list will be Tocal Field Days in May … May 5, 6, and 7.

To see all the events we’ll be attending please visit our Facebook Events.

Westonfence Biosecurity & Regenerative Ag

Fencing for Regenerative Ag.

The Westonfence™ system is ideal for regenerative ag practices due to its versatility, cost and ease of installation compared to other fencing methods.

We’ve developed an economical internal fence design that we think works perfectly for regenerative ag enterprises.

Unlike other, ‘one-fence-suits-all’ fencing methods; the Westonfence™ can be adapted easily to your requirements … with post height and spacings configured to suit your specific farming enterprise.

If you’d like more information on how our products can benefit your specific farming enterprise please get in touch.

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